Himiway 14

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  • Max speed 15 Km/h.
  • Range 12 – 14 Km.
  • Net weight 12.5 kg.
  • Charging time 1.5 hours.
  • Ideal for children ages 8+ starting out.
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This is an electric unicycle with a 14″ diameter wheel. Forward aft balance is rigidly achieved and maintained via gyroscopes and an accelerometer. Side to side balance is maintained by the rider in a similar manner to riding a bicycle. To operate, the rider slightly leans forward to go and leans back to stop. With practice these movements become naturally instinctive.

This unit is well equipped with rubber inlays fitted to the foot platforms for secure grip and comfort. It is water resistant to cope with Irish climate, has 360° lighting built in and runs with an almost silent motor. A beautifully designed e-wheel, the ideal choice for starter / intermediate riders. It is a compact user-friendly design, very compact to carry on bus or tram and only 9.8 kg weight.

Very safe electronics ensure the Himiway 14″ will never, let you down. Locking low battery: The unicycle will warn the rider of a low battery early, and slow to a stop entirely when battery is becoming to low to ride.

Electric Unicycle Himiway 14 Gyrowheel Dublin Ireland

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